PlaceMaker User Manual



List View:


The list view is the first screen displayed by PlaceMaker.  The list view is split into three areas – the map at the top, the list in the middle, and the toolbar at the bottom.



Tap on an icon on the map to display an infowindow with the stop name and address.  Tap on the infowindow to launch navigation.

Long press on the map to add a stop at a particular position on the map.

Pinch the map to zoom in/zoom out





Tap on the stop icon to autozoom in/out of the stop.


Tap on the middle of the stop to view/edit stop details.

Long press on the middle to move stop quickly to the first/last stop or by entering a stop number.


Tap on the travel time and distance button to launch a travel application.  Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, Uber, and Lyft are supported.


Navigation integration can be set to either prefer GPS coordinates or address.


Long press and drag on the status bar to adjust the size of the map and list.


Change map style – normal, hybrid, satellite, terrain

Maximize map

Toggle Location Mode – Show All Stops, Follow-me North up, Follow-me Travel Direction Up, Follow-me Off



 Edit List

Share ist

 Change Sort Order / Optimize List

 Edit List – Delete / Manually reorder stops

Insert Stop.  Long press to switch between Append Stop / Insert Stop



PlaceMaker will make relevant search suggestions as you type.


Tap on “Apple” or “Google” to the left of the search box to choose Apple or Google search.  PlaceMaker will always default to Apple Search because Google search is rather expensive.


Google search is only available with a subscription.


What3words addresses are supported.

List Menu:

Change List Name – rename the list

Move Range – move a range of stops within the list.

Update All Stop Colors – change icon color of all stops in the list.

Set New Stop Color – changes the icon color for new stops.

Copy List – make a copy of the list and all the stops.

Reverse Stops – Reverses the order of all the stops.  The first stop will become the last stop and the last stop will become the first stop.

Delete All Stops – will delete all the stops.

Split List – Splits the list into two new lists.  The original list will be saved.

Change Travel Mode – set the travel mode for travel time and distance calculations.  PlaceMaker supports driving, bicycling, and walking.

Sign In/Sign Out – signs in/out of the list for list sharing.

Rename List:


Type the new name for the list in the text box.

Move Range:


Moves all the stops from the start of range through the end of range to a new position in the list.

Update All Stop Colors


Choose a new icon color for all stops.  The icon color for every stop will be immediately changed to the new color.


New Stop Color.  New stops added to the list will use the selected icon color.  The icon color for existing stops will not be changed.


Split List – creates two new lists.  The first list will contain stops 1 through the stop # entered.  The second list will contain the remaining stops.


Change Travel Mode used to calculate travel times and distance.


Change Stop Sort Order


Postal Code Sort – sorts in alphabetical order by postal code.


Try Route Optimization / Optimize Route – Optimizes the route to minimize travel time.  The first and last stops will not be moved.  Requires a paid subscription.


Purchase Route Optimization – display the subscription purchase options.


Sort by Distance from Current Location – temporarily reorders the list so the so the closest stops are at the top of the list.

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Subscriptions are available on a monthly or annual basis.  An annual subscription saves about 20% versus buying monthly subscriptions.


Each subscription option allows you to have a certain number of stops per list. 


All subscriptions allow you to have an unlimited number of lists.


Edit Stops – delete or reorder stops.


New List – create a new list.

Saved List – open a saved list.

Multiple Lists – open multiple lists at the same time.

Barcode Scanner – launches the barcode scanner which uses the iPhone camera to scan barcodes from FedEx, UPS Mail Innovations, and Royal Mail Mailmark barcodes.

Nav App Preferences – select a default navigation app to launch when the time and distance button is tapped.  Also can set the preference to use either GPS coordinates or address for launching the navigation app.
Suggestion/Support – send an email with any suggestions or questions.

Submit Review – submit an App Store review. 

Subscription Info – display subscription options

View Receipt – display the purchase history.

Restore Purchase – if you have paid for a subscription, but the paid features aren’t working, tap Restore Purchase to re-download subscription information from the App Store.

Manage Subscription – Tap to cancel the subscription.

Append / Insert stops – Controls if new stops are added as the last stop or inserted into the list.

Display KM/Miles – Switches between km and miles for displaying distances



Avoid toll roads – Avoid toll roads when calculating routes.

Show / Hide Route Line – display or hide the route line.  Displaying the route line requires a subscription.

Disable / Enable Auto-Lock – Disable Auto Lock will prevent the lock screen from being displayed.

Blog/Help -

CSV Import - CSV import supports Hermes manifest and generic CSV files. See http://placemaker.qworkly.com/csvimporthelp.html for more information.

Sign In / Sign Out – Sign In or Out of the account used for list sharing.

Delete Saved Places – Delete the saved places cached.  May be necessary if you have a lot of saved places.

Privacy Policy

Reset to Defaults




Select Default Launch App for Navigation


Prefer Address / Prefer GPS – prefer the use of address or GPS for the navigation application.  GPS will always work but may sometimes route you to the wrong street.  Address is usually more accurate, but may not work in every situation.


Stop Details





Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: I have a list on one device and would like to use it on another device.
A: There are two options:

1.    Email the list from one device to the other.  Tap the box with the arrow pointing up at the bottom of the screen, then tap E-Mail List as Attachment.  This is available in all versions of the application including free.

2.    Sync the list.  This is available in the “Up to 150 stops/list” and “Over 150 stops/list” subscriptions.  In order to sync using the server,
- Tap the box with the arrow pointing up at the bottom of the screen. 
- Tap Start Sharing
- Tap Send Sharing Link and send the link to an account you can access on the 2nd device.
- On the 2nd device open the message and tap on the link.    If you want to be able to edit the list on the 2nd device, you will need to Sign In on the 2nd device to the same account. 
There's a video here that might be helpful. https://youtu.be/2Sr-kSOYdVo

Q: I can’t find an address in the app
A: There are three search engines available in the app – Apple Search, Google Search, and What3Words.  To temporarily switch to Google search, tap on “Apple” or “A” to the left of the search text box.  What3words addresses can be entered in the search text box.

Q: For the subscription, is the limit 25 stops per day?
A: The limit is stops per list.  The “Up to 25 stops” subscription is up to 25 stops per list, unlimited lists.

Q: The route is asking me to double back and doesn’t seem to be the best route.
A: Route optimization is available with a subscription.  To optimize the route, tap on the up/down arrows at the bottom of the list, then tap “Optimize Route”. The first and last stop will not be moved, but the other stops will \ordered to minimize travel time.  Since the first and last stops won’t be moved, so best practice is to enter your home/office/warehouse as the first and last stop.

Q: How do I make a stop the first or last stop.
A: Once a stop is added, a long press on the stop will bring up the move stop menu which you can use to move the stop to the first stop, last stop, or to enter a stop number for the stop.

Q: I’ve purchased a subscription, but the app isn’t recognizing the subscription. 
A: The subscription process is controlled by the Apple App Store, so developers are limited in how they can help.  Here are the things to try when there is a subscription issue:

1.    Tap the menu (three horizontal bars in the upper left corner). Tap “Restore Purchase”.  After some time, you should see a message that the subscription has been restored.  Try accessing the subscription features.

2.    Force PlaceMaker to close by swiping PlaceMaker up from the app switcher and relaunching the app.  Directions from Apple are here. Try accessing the subscription features.

3.    Restart the iPhone.  Directions from Apple are here. Try to access the premium features again. Try accessing the subscription features.

4.    Sign Out and Sign In to your iTunes and App Store account.
Sign Out - From the Home Screen, Settings, “iTunes & App Store”, Tap Apple ID: (your id), Tap “Sign Out”.
Sign In – From the Home Screen, Settings, Tap Sign In.  Directions from Apple are here. Try accessing the subscription features.

5.    Uninstall and reinstall PlaceMaker.  You will lose all of your saved lists and places if you do this so be sure to email any lists to yourself that you would like to have after the re-installation.  Directions from Apple to delete an app are here.  Try accessing the subscription features.

Q: PlaceMaker is taking a long time to launch.  What is happening?
A: PlaceMaker sometimes re-indexes the cached places at application launch.  To check how many saved places tap the menu (three horizontal bars in the upper left corner), and then tap “About”.  The about box will display the number of Places.  To remove the unused places (those not used on a list), tap the menu, and tap “Delete Saved Places.”